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We are a full-service organization, this is the restoration process.


Cleaning of Pavers

  • Evaluation of job sight to determine if any repairs will be necessary 
  • Clearing the area of any obstructions (benches,chairs,tables,grils,ect)
  • Removal of moss and weeds from joints
  • Test cleanser in a small area
  • Pressure wash the pavers to remove debris and dirt
  • Apply cleanser, hand scrub stains, pressure wash, rinse and let dry (24hrs.)

Fortification and Sealing

  • Apply polymeric sand to strengthen joints
  • Vibrate pavers to insure compaction
  • Sweep and blowoff excess sand
  • Apply selected sealer for desired finish

Sealing Finishes

  • NATURAL creates a satin finish that restores original color
  • Semi-Gloss creates a slight sheen on the surface enhancing color
  • High-Gloss creates the "Wet Look" on your pavers
  • Stain blocker is invisable and ultra stain resistant